TARIS - Cleaning Service

  • Business hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 - 16:00
  • M: +385 (0)99 859 8547 T: +385 (22) 339 665
  • taris@taris.com.hr
Taris - Cleaning Service

Nadia Klisanicć Pühringer was born in Germany. After eleven years managing her own German company, she moved to Šibenik in 2011 and started her cleaning firm Taris. Today, after six years in business, it employs more than 80 people over the course of the season and their number is constantly increasing as demand is high.

Taris is made up of experienced people, and its references are the many satisfied customers who value quality and a fair business relationship.

We clean and maintain more than 100 sailing boats, catamarans, luxury yachts (motor boats), privately owned or chartered sailing boats, and real estate, in our two business locations at Marina Mandalina - Šibenik and Marina Dalmacija - Sukošan.

Why Taris?

With a large number of employees we are able to cover all your requirements in different locations.

What are the services?

High quality because our goal is to create a sense of reliability and satisfaction through joint cooperation.

How much does it cost?

We do an estimate for each cleaning requirement and determine the number of employees needed for the task. We then send an official offer on this basis.

What are the deadlines?

As a rule, a cleanup request is sent a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Cleaning alone depends on a lot of factors.